A global financial services firm was facing reputational challenges from Washington policymakers. The firm needed to first understand its current position in order to develop a strategy to address its weaknesses.

HPS was retained to:

  • Evaluate the client’s reputation among Washington stakeholders
  • Devise a strategy based on reputational benchmarking to guard against future attacks

Our Approach

HPS analyzed the firm’s current relationships and reputation in order to recommend a strategy for targeting Washington influencers.

For this engagement, HPS:

  • Interviewed over 30 Washington stakeholders to develop both a quantitative and qualitative analysis of the firm’s current relationships and reputations
  • Recommended a target strategy to boost the firm’s reputation among a subset of Washington influencers


HPS translated the firm’s Washington situation into a format that could be distributed and explained at the C-Suite level.

HPS created a “Reputational And Relationship Benchmarking Report” that is used to disrupt internal roadblocks to engagement and devise new strategies going forward.