We analyzed President Obama’s six State of the Union addresses (2009-2014) to discern trends and shifting policy priorities over time.

  • Over all his State of the Union addresses, his most used two words have been “more” and “now.”
  • While domestic policy issues have largely dominated his presidency, foreign policy has been on the rise as a topic in recent years.

Among domestic policy issues, the economy has dominated the speeches, though the way he talks about the economy has changed.

  • Early discussion about the crisis and the broader economy has given way to an emphasis on wages and inequality in recent years.
  • The debt and deficit, which was once a major area of discussion, has almost disappeared from the speech.

Despite healthcare reform being one of his biggest legislative accomplishments, the President has not made it a major focus of any Address.

The President has changed how he addresses energy, with much more focus on oil and gas than was the case in earlier addresses.

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