By Taylor Griffin

Going into the President’s annual State of the Union address last night, the economy was the clear top of mind issue for most Americans. As a result, economic initiatives dominated the majority of the speech. Did the President’s pitch succeed?

A CivicScience/HPS poll conducted following the President’s address, asked whether Americans were more confident or less confident that President Obama can fix the economy and create jobs. Of those that said they watched the State of the Union, 38% were more confident that the President could get the economy moving again. However, a nearly equal proportion of respondents (36%) were less confident after watching the President’s speech. The rest (27%) felt about the same.

The appraisal of the President’s speech broke down predictably along party lines. Not surprisingly, most Democrats said they were more confident (61%) while most Republicans said they were less (60%) with the remainder “about the same.”

However, among Independents, it seems that the President received at least some traction. Among independent voters who watched the speech, 40% came away more confident about the President’s handling of the economy while 34% said they were less confident.

Taylor Griffin is a partner at Hamilton Place Strategies and a veteran of the White House, Treasury Department and the last three presidential campaigns.