By: Matt McDonald,

As HPS prepares to kick off another remote workweek, here are three more ideas we are looking at for the week ahead. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to our team here if we can be of help.

The Temporary Normal. This is not the new normal. Whether it is one month away or two months away, this will end, and society will emerge from our digital cocoon. But this is going to last long enough that there are still “normal” activities that need to happen. There are around 100 companies with earnings calls scheduled for this coming week. Fulfilling the needs of everyday work and life while adapting to the crisis of the moment will be an ongoing challenge for every organization.

Economic Data Are Broken. Our economic data and the processes to collect it are generally built to understand if we are going the speed limit, or if we need to hit the gas or tap the brake. It’s not really built to measure the use of the emergency brake on the highway. As an example, the survey for this coming Friday’s jobs report was in the field the week before California issued a stay-at-home order. For most organizations right now, there is more value in scenario planning around a few possibilities rather than trying to model a volatile and uncertain situation.

Internal Chatroulette. There’s no office water cooler right now, and the usual serendipitous interactions that can make our work sparkle have been interrupted. HPS is taking a stab at solving this by randomly pairing people for 15-minute video chats for our own version of Chatroulette.