By: Matt McDonald,

HPS is getting a lot of questions from clients and others on how the best are handling the current crisis from a management and communications perspective. Here are three big trends we’ve observed and expect to see more of over the coming weeks.

Information Is At A Premium. As with any crisis (see our crisis paper), information on what is happening is the foundation of how an organization reacts and makes decisions. We have been working with our sister company Flag Media Analytics to keep clients updated on events in real time. While in many circumstances the news media is critical, in this situation we are seeing an equal emphasis on “primary sources,” i.e., announcements from official government agencies as well as companies. Please reach out if we can be helpful on this front.

Document Your Actions. It is hard in the moment to think around the corner, but this moment will pass. When it does there will be reflection, investigation, accountability, and reform. It is important now for decision makers to maintain a record of actions taken to help keep stakeholders safe. There will be a time when everyone will be expected to explain their decisions in this moment of truth. Likewise, it is important to document interactions and conversations with government officials. Just because you receive guidance today doesn’t make it an explanation tomorrow. Make sure you have a record of events.

Odd Bedfellow Opportunities. The coronavirus now has the undivided attention of the world. Every organization is thinking of ways to respond, and that can shake loose opportunities for competitors to collaborate and for seemingly unrelated companies and industries to find common ground. Everyone is looking for ways to come together in the face of a common challenge, and that presents opportunities to think bigger about cooperation and collaboration.