We have seen numerous recent examples of companies in trouble that came under intense public scrutiny and then struggled to explain themselves, with serious reputational and market consequences. These cases have raised the stakes for crisis management capabilities in the modern public affairs function. 

Managing a crisis situation creates natural organizational tensions—balancing speed with accuracy, balancing legal and reputational considerations, and balancing responding to the issue with elevating the issue profile. All of this must be weighed in the context of a decision-making process that allows action when needed.

This white paper draws on HPS’ experience in corporate crisis and rapid response on presidential campaigns to create a systemic approach to crisis situations that can create order and opportunity in inherently chaotic situations.

 We find effective organizations develop:

• A system to triage information in real time

• Planning and preparation exercises to test capabilities

• An understanding of situational risks and opportunities that allows for timely decision-making

HPS Crisis Paper by Hamilton Place Strategies on Scribd