The State Of Healthcare In The U.S. Middle Market reports on insights from C-suite executives who lead middle market firms across the nation. The report outlines attitudes about healthcare and approaches that firms and individuals are using to address the challenge of healthcare costs.

Key Findings:

  • Middle market executives are extremely concerned with healthcare costs, with 90% of executives claiming it as their top challenge.
  • Eight out of ten mid-market executives view healthcare as a company’s responsibility to their employees.
  • More than 90% of mid-market firms claim healthcare helps attract and retain top talent.
  • Over two-thirds of middle market firms have company-wide goals tied to healthcare initiatives, with reducing healthcare costs and improving employee productivity as the two top goals listed.
  • Mid-market companies expect that by implementing innovative solutions they can increase growth and productivity by 25%, decrease absenteeism by 22% and reduce healthcare costs by 17%.