By: Matt McDonald,

As HPS prepares to kick off another remote workweek, here are three more ideas we are looking at for the week ahead. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to our team here if we can be of help.

A WWII-Level Event. Everyone needs to change their mental model of this event and its scope. We’ve heard comparisons to the financial crisis and to 9/11, but really it is closer to World War II. So far this year, federal spending as a share of GDP is already closer to WWII levels than it is to the financial crisis, and that is only going to increase. Starting from that understanding, there are a cascade of implications. This event will result in big societal changes, big policy changes, and big political changes in the aftermath. For example, WWII resulted in the establishment of the Department of Defense.

Restarting The Economy. The economy has never stopped before, and hopefully it never has to restart again. But this unique moment in time will be an opportunity for businesses and policymakers to think about how we want to adjust and improve the systems that are about to restart. It will also create lots of natural experiments for economists and others to study. The urgency is real, but the lessons and insights will be coming for years afterward.

Health Infrastructure. Public policy debates often talk about health insurance coverage, sometimes talk about public health, and rarely talk about health infrastructure. When we do talk about facilities, it’s often about efficiency and almost always about the treatment of illness, not the spread. As discussion begins on addressing infrastructure, look for health infrastructure to be a new and vital part of that conversation.